Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dare to Dream...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 is a day that we will never ever forget. It is the day that gave proof to the saying, "If you can believe it, you can achieve it."
Barack H. Obama II set out to see his dream through in 1997 when he began his political career. It took alot of hard work and perseverance to overcome racism, prejudice, and ignorance to get where he is today.
Who would President Obama be today if he had not held out or held on? What would America look like? Would we be a people of lost hopes and dreams. Would we be a people still standing at the sidelines of life wondering what if? Well as of Tuesday, January 20, 2009 12:00 PM, we no longer have a seat on the side lines. It is time for us to get up off our laurels and get on our grind!
Our newly sworn in President has encouraged us to take make in making America a better place. Putting in place a true sense of democracy. It'll no longer be the norm for us to sit on our couches staring at the television set and pointing the finger at government for their mishaps. The norm for each and everyone of us will be, grab your coat and get your hat, gloves, and shoes, and lets get to work - just because We Can Do It!!!!!!!!!
With every new year, you seek out for a new you in an old world and old way of thinking. My Bishop encourages us time and time again to get rid of that "Stinkin' thinking" and focus on a change. Believing God for the divine ordained change that God has set in plan for our lives. President Obama has already risen to that challenge. His strong belief in God has caused others to believe. Carrying out the scripture of Matthew 5:16. So many people's dying faith has been restored just because of a man that walked in the faith of God and carried out his dream. He may not even comprehend the power of his walk that has restored so many people's hope and faith in God - BUT IT HAS HAPPENED NONE THE LESS!!!
Let's not criticize our President for what you think his religious and political are. Or for what stance you think he should hold. We're all far from being perfect. Lets look at the life and the walk that brings the heart and minds of men to turn and thank and praise our living Savior. Lets look at the man that has lived a moment in life that has encouraged us to put our dreams and goals in the hands of God to carry them out through us.

A dream deferred is a Dream God to carry your dreams......... for with God all things are possible.