Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is Me!

After conversing with a few authors (Seasoned as well as unseasoned), I have started to blog as a way to strengthen my writing skills as I write my first novel.

I consider myself to be a writer. At the age of 10, I wrote my first song. I can still remember it, and I'm so glad no one has ever heard it. In high school, I started writing short stories for English class and whenever I got bored. My teachers would never get up off that "A", so a "B" it was. I started writing poems when I was about 20 years old based on what I was going through in life at the time. They meant a lot to me although you would probably never see them published anywhere. I still have them. On original paper and all. Then I moved on to writing stage plays. My passion. My first play was "Mama I want to Sing" starring D' Atra Hicks. It has never left me. In 1996, I got up enough courage to produce my first stage play at my church. I was so excited. 5 souls were saved. That will always be remembered.

I work as the Stage manager for my church's Drama Ministry. I didn't think that I was going to like that job, but I love it!!! I love being behind the scenes. Being upfront makes me nauseous. I have written a total of 4 plays. Some meaningful and others......

Now, I believe that God has prompted me to write my first Christian novel. The day HE revealed it to me was a day, I'll always remember. I was walking to work and I was praying, asking God, where did HE want to take me in writing. I believe that this is ministry for me, but I wasn't sure which way He wanted me to go. Then God, all at one time, gave me my dedication for my book. I broke down in tears in the middle of the University of Penn campus. Broke down. I had to rush to get in to work so I could get it on paper before I did forget. My kids say I forget alot. (They're right), but when it comes to God, it's amazing what He can bring back to your remembrance.

As much as I am on the net, I pray that I remember that I started this blog and can continue it through my journey as a writer and a Christian. I pray that it inspires all who read it.

"God has given me something to write. Therefore ~ I write!"

B' blessed!


LaShaunda said...

Hi Shawn,

Welcome to the world of blogging. I was at the online conference today. I have to agree blogging is a good way to write. I started mine in 05 and I use it for everything.

Happy writing :)

Don said...

Enjoyed the read. Thanks, continue to write and uplift with your voice and talent.

Shawn Jones Harris said...

Thanks guys for your comments. Of course I forgot already that I signed up for this. So now, I'm committing to blogging at least once a week if not more.