Monday, June 30, 2008

Not a good start huh?

OK so I was suppose to be writing a little bit more than what I'm doing. I honestly forgot that I set up this page. My good buddy, Writer, Shanita Waters (, reminded me that I had a blogspot today over lunch. So here I am.

I also had the pleasure of meeting 2 wonderful authors during Memorial Day wknd. Victoria Christopher Murray (Godmother of Christian Fiction - ) and Karen Quinoness Miller - . They gave me some wonderful writing tips as well as encouragement. We took pics for my goal poster. And to think, I never planned on attending the African American festival in Virginia because of all the riots that occurred. I almost missed out. But thanks to my little sis, Nea, it was the best time ever!!

So since I've last blogged, I attended my first Online Writers Conference. It was great! They had a line up of the best in Christian fiction as well as in the writing market. What I liked most about it was that I could do it from home!!! I went from the computer to the phone and back with every other instructor. I was able to run out when I needed to and then come back to work. That I would do again. It was reasonable as well.

I also recently joined a Christian writers group. I went to my first meeting a few weeks ago. I enjoyed it. I was nervous at first about having people read my works and critiquing it. But I actually enjoyed it. Karen Q-Miller suggested that I do that to help strengthen my writing skills. I believe it'll work. I found this group on . It was actually legit. NO stalkers!

Today I pulled a copy of what I have worked on on my book entitled "The Sanctuary". It's like starting all over again after hearing so much from the authors. I've learned that I just can't sit and write like I think. This is work.

But if God has brought me to it, I know He'll bring me through it!!!

Thanks for reading! B' blessed

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Shanita Waters said...

Hi Shawn!

That's alright. Get right back on tract. It is kind of hard remembering and finding enough time to update your blog everyday but it's good for you. Keep the posts comming. I like to think of it as sort of a mental work out for the book. I look forward to reading some more from you.