Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proverbs 1

I've been challenged by an Elder friend of mine to "a Proverb a day to keep ignorance away". At first I was hesitant. I actually did it few months ago at the suggestion of my Bishop/Mom. But once the 31 days ended, I went on to other readings. Now I have picked it up as a study for my devotion. So I'm on a journey for wisdom. And since I am suppose to blog - I'm blogging my study.

So here's my thoughts on Proverbs 1:

I believe that each and everyone of us needs to have the desire to seek wisdom like Solomon did. When we apply Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you, we can't go wrong.

I love the Message Bible version of Proverbs 1. It is so plain and simple that even the youngest of children could understand. ( I need that) The first chapter expresses itself as a manual for living right. Who doesn't need that? Only the foolish man would deny the opportunity to righteous living. Once we obtain the wisdom, we should pass it along to our children, and them to their children. Allow wisdom to be the family inheritance; a family trait. To not love wisdom is to be a fool or simple.

It is very easy to fall into the temptation of peer pressure. To be like and a part of the "in crowd", but in verses 8 - 19, we are warned that it really isn't as fun as it may look and the profit will not amount to nothing. Those that participate will only find themselves ruined. Solomon warns us to not even entertain the thought. It's so not worth it.

The key to righteous living is at our fingertips. Why not give it a try. A person that says that they can't find life or how to live holy, has not read/study the book of proverbs. All those that deny the knowledge of wisdom will be allowed to feel the pain of their errors. God doesn't force us to do His will. Our strength is made perfect in weakness through Christ Jesus. When we are weak, we should reach for wisdom!! Desire wisdom. I am learning on this journey to pray about EVERYTHING!! ( sometimes I slip), but it makes it simple tojust ask God for guidance and direction rather than messing it up by handling it myself. The clean up is messy.

No doubt, we are human and we will make mistakes, but God's word carries us through it all. Trust wisdom!

I am so excited to be digging into Proverbs with my Bible study partner. I pray that everyone who reads this will take the opportunity at some point to investigate the scriptures of Proverbs.

May wisdom find you where you are and plant the seed of life that leads to eternal life.

B' blessed!

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